27 Summer Fails That Will Make Your Summer Just A Little Better

When summer begins we all think its going to be the best summer. For some people they do have the summer of their lives, but others they don’t. Check out these summer fails that make yours just a little less lame.

1. This guy is literally sweating balls.

 2. Those poor people that try to eat chocolate in the summer

 3. This guy trying to water sled.

 4. He looks like he got branded.

 5. DIY air conditioner

 6. The Bro Wheelie.

 7. Best of both worlds

 8. The guy who tries fight bids and get instant karma.

 9. The guy with neapolitan tan lines

 10. The who fell asleep at a concert

 11. This guy goes with the flow

 12. The guy who can’t stick a landing.

 13. He just wanted to go out for a nice jog.

 14. The guy who gets attacked by fireworks.

 15. The second victim to the fireworks.

 16. The fire dancer.

 17. Burning romance.

 18. The Big Buffet.

 19. The Falppy Face-Planter.

20. The unstoppable criminal.

 21. Hot rod wannabe.

 22. The nut cracker

 23. He can’t fool anyone.

 24. He just can’t let go.

 25. This dog can’t go on anymore.

 26. Secret camp message.

27. Australia……..


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